Farm house kitchen with exposed timber beams and trusses, glazed gables and exapnsive views over the countryside

Traditional Timber Feature Trusses For a Strawbale Farm House

Merriwa, NSW - Australia2020

Our client for this project approached us to create a heavy timber feature truss set for their new build on their stunning plot of land in Merriwa.

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Exterior view of the completed timber great hall extension. Showcasing the wide balcony for the master suite and the incorporated timber-framed carport.

Medieval Style Timber Frame For Unique Home Extension

Yerrinbool, NSW - Australia2019

Traditional timber framing techniques and styles can be traced back to the Roman Empire and beyond, but reached their height of popularity during the Medieval period.

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Completed rustic timber frame for a 2 story studio space with custom curved braces

Rustic Timber Frame For Studio Space

Helensburgh, NSW - Australia2019

This unique project was designed and built for our client Ben and his young family. What made this project particularly special is that the timber used was sourced and milled locally by Ben through his arborist business.

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Lead craftsman Andrew Balabka stands proudly by the completed oak trusses

Custom Curved Oak Feature Trusses

Kangaroo Valley, NSW - Australia2021

This project was commissioned by Lucas from Harlor Building, on behalf of his clients who were looking for a set of stunning feature trusses to be the centre point of their home in Kangaroo Valley.

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