Exterior view of the completed timber great hall extension. Showcasing the wide balcony for the master suite and the incorporated timber-framed carport.

Medieval Style Timber Frame For Unique Home Extension

Yerrinbool, NSW - Australia2019

Traditional timber framing techniques and styles can be traced back to the Roman Empire and beyond, but reached their height of popularity during the Medieval period.

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The entire TTF team working together to fit the huge ridge beam into place.

Oversized Heavy Timber Trusses For a Stately Greatroom

Glenquary, NSW - Australia2019

Our clients for this project were referred to us by one of our suppliers’ Coach House Timbers. They were in the midst of designing a large residential project in the southern highlands and were looking for an internal architectural feature that could match the scale of this new home.

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Completed rustic timber frame for a 2 story studio space with custom curved braces

Rustic Timber Frame For Studio Space

Helensburgh, NSW - Australia2019

This unique project was designed and built for our client Ben and his young family. What made this project particularly special is that the timber used was sourced and milled locally by Ben through his arborist business.

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Looking up from beneath the large dimension timber trusses that will support the farm house roof

Traditional Timber Frame for a North QLD Farmhouse

Mackay, Northern QLD - Australia2019

When our client decided to build a new family home on their sugar cane plantation in Mackay in northern Queensland they knew they needed something that would stand up to the elements. The building would need to be strong enough to withstand cyclones, termites the size of small cats and the monsoonal rains that hit each wet season.

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Traditional spotted gum trussed are craned into position on top the pre-formed concrete walls of the chapel. Visible is a hand carved inscription in the beam in Italian

Traditional Timber Trusses for Family Chapel

Bungonia, NSW - Australia2019

This unique project was commissioned in 2019 by a family who wanted a building that reminded them and future generations of their local village in Italy. The family estate in Bungonia is covered with olive groves and a large home. The brief was to create a small, traditional styled chapel on the estate for all the family to enjoy.

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