Watermill Barn

This is our 100th Traditional Timber Frame in Australia.
This is also our largest project to date with approximately 100t of the finest Australian hardwood, more than 1000 handmade pegs and a scale like few other private buildings in Australia.
Commissioned as a “Beautiful Barn to sit like a work of ark on the farm” this building will be used as a private space for both farm and lifestyle uses.
We handcrafted this frame in our workshop in 2022, delivered to site in Victoria on 2 B-Double sized trucks, and installed over a 2 week period in very wet conditions.
This barn will be a work of art for countless generations to admire.

Location: – Mornington Peninsula, VIC – Australia
Frame Type: Feature Truss Traditional + Custom : OAK
Frame Style: Mixed Australian Hardwoods
Completed: 2022

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