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Post and beam construction using heavy timbers and traditional carpentry and joinery methods dates back to the 12th century. The craftsmen of the time used large-dimension timber frames for their strength, durability and ability to be adapted and customised to suit the needs of a variety of designs. At Traditional Timber Frames, we proudly keep that tradition alive, providing custom, handcrafted timber post and beam frame manufacturing services to the people of Australia.

Using beautiful, strong and long-lasting Australian timbers we create natural post and beam timber frames for a range of structures including homes, sheds and our famous timber-framed barns. From classically inspired country homes to stylish modern dwellings our clients choose classic traditional timber house frames to add bespoke, sustainable and truly unique architectural elements to their buildings.

exposed post and beam framing creating a stunning ambience and sense of space inside a federation home


For most of us, homes are the single biggest investments in our lives. These buildings are our shelter, a place of retreat and refuge, they are where we spend so much of our time. At Traditional Timber Frames, we believe a home should be pleasing and inspiring, an extension of your personality with the strength and longevity to last for generations to come.
Post and beam construction using natural timbers and traditional craftsmanship creates frames that are not only present but worthy of display in the most spectacular buildings. Our large dimension timber frames are by nature visually impressive, conveying their strength and clever craftsmanship not to mention the natural beauty of the large exposed timber beams, trusses and framing.
Each and every aspect of a traditional timber frame is lovingly handcrafted by our talented team using traditional methods passed down over hundreds of years. We use honest materials to create beautiful things so that our clients can find joy, pride and beauty in the place they call home.
Rustic timber post and beam frame for a barn


We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to the design process. Our in house design team plan and create each custom timber frame to realise your design goals and achieve your vision. We work closely with our clients and their architects, designers and builders to create traditional timber frames that cover the structural, aesthetic and design requirements necessary to bring the building you’ve been dreaming of to life.

Whether you’re looking for a custom post and beam frame to complement your Tudor, Barn, Homestead, Craftsman, or Modern style home or building we have the skills and drive to contribute to your build. We offer our extensive experience to help guide you through the choices in timber, style and design for your project to create a product that is truly yours.

Chris and his talented team are here to answer any questions or chat about your options to include a custom-designed, handcrafted timber frame in your next build.
Heavy timber post and beam frame on display in an outdoor living area


A heavy timber post and beam frame made in the traditional style has an extremely low carbon footprint compared to any comparable structural system. We exclusively use sustainably sourced Australian timbers carefully selected by local forest managers with an emphasis on maintaining the health of the ecosystems they work within.

Our traditional timber frames are naturally highly termite resistant without the need for harsh chemical treatments. Heavy timber frames are virtually fireproof with a minimum of BAL19 rating, which provides the highest fire rating for timber. Combine this with the inherent strength of a traditional timber frame and you have all the hallmarks of a structure that is going to stand the tests of time and the harsh realities of the Australian climate.

A wise person once said, “when you buy quality, you only cry once”. A quality traditional timber-framed building is the perfect structure around which to create a fantastic low energy use building saving you money for as long as you live in it. Most importantly, the beauty and craft of a finely finished hand-built timber post and beam frame adds so much value to a finished building that there’s really no reasonable reason to not include one.

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