Traditional Timber Frames is a specialist heavy timber framing company catering to the commercial and residential building industry. We use ethically sourced timber to design and build traditionally crafted heavy timber frames (often referred to as post and beam frames) across an array of projects such as homes, barns, garages, and public buildings.

The tools and joinery methods we use can be traced back through the Middle Ages to Ancient Rome. Director and Master Builder Chris Nance travelled to Wales to learn this near-forgotten craft from Master Carpenter Alan Ritchie, returning home to begin the business from his grandfather’s timber yard and beginning his timber framing journey.
An intimate, passionate team, we focus on delivering only the finest craftsmanship with high-level attention to detail and handwork in the classic English Timber Framing tradition. We work alongside clients, architects, homeowners, and building contractors to help you create sustainable, unique, and high-quality buildings that provide an ambiance of luxury and timeless beauty.
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