exposed post and beam framing creating a stunning ambience and sense of space inside a federation home

10 Benefits of a Traditional Timber Framed Home

As a business owner and craftsman, I think Traditional Timber Frames are awesome! Everyone should have one right?! As an apprentice carpenter in the 2000’s …

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Interior of a luxury open plan living and kitchen. Featuring exposed Ironbark trusses, large quantities of timber framed windows and a sandstone fireplace

Cost Benefits of a Traditional Timber Frame

In 2007, when I began building Oak frames in Wales, I knew there was something amazing about what I was working on.  At the time, …

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Exterior shot of the almost completed authentic timber barn, with only interior fitout remaining.

Timber Barns

Timber-crafted barns, sheds, and farm buildings have been built for centuries around the world and remain as some of the most beautiful and finely crafted …

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