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Installed timber roof frame featuring heavy timber double purlins intersect in the center of the room supported by timber feature trusses

Contemporary Hardwood Trusses Form an Architectural Feature

New South Wales2021

Our clients for this project were looking for a special touch for their retirement home in Glenreagh, northwest of Coffs Harbour. The brief was to design and build a feature roof frame with glazed gables that would form the centrepiece of the home.

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Farm house kitchen with exposed timber beams and trusses, glazed gables and exapnsive views over the countryside

Traditional Timber Feature Trusses For a Strawbale Farm House

New South Wales2020

Our client for this project approached us to create a heavy timber feature truss set for their new build on their stunning plot of land in Merriwa.

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The entire TTF team working together to fit the huge ridge beam into place.

Oversized Heavy Timber Trusses For a Stately Greatroom

New South Wales2019

Our clients for this project were referred to us by one of our suppliers’ Coach House Timbers. They were in the midst of designing a large residential project in the southern highlands and were looking for an internal architectural feature that could match the scale of this new home.

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Lead craftsman Andrew Balabka stands proudly by the completed oak trusses

Custom Curved Oak Feature Trusses

New South Wales2021

This project was commissioned by Lucas from Harlor Building, on behalf of his clients who were looking for a set of stunning feature trusses to be the centre point of their home in Kangaroo Valley.

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Reclaimed Timber Trusses for a Contemporary Home


The brief on this project was to create a major visual feature that would make the main living areas of this home both beautiful and unique. Reclaimed Cypress Pine was chosen for its colour, stability, cost and character. A feature truss set like this is a beautiful and efficient way of adding that fantastic and sought after traditional timber craftsmanship into even the most modern of contemporary houses.

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