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Contemporary Hardwood Trusses Form an Architectural Feature

LOCATION: Glenreagh, NSW – Australia
FRAME TYPE: Feature Truss
FRAME STYLE: Architectural Modern
TIMBER SPECIES: Australian Hardwood
Our clients for this project were looking for a special touch for their retirement home in Glenreagh, northwest of Coffs Harbour. The brief was to design and build a feature roof frame with glazed gables that would form the centrepiece of the home.

Working closely with our clients we designed a roof frame that incorporated king post trusses with a central cross to the roof, highlighted by double purlins intersecting in the middle of the house.  We designed the components specifically for the chosen timber, a locally sourced Australian hardwood that grows naturally in the Coffs Harbour region.

The trusses were constructed using traditional joinery methods by our talented craftsmen at our Marulan yard over a number of weeks. The completed frames were then trucked to the Glenreagh building site and craned into place atop the waiting standard pine framework.

This hardwood roof frame will make a stunning feature of traditional craftsmanship in this beautiful contemporary home. We’re looking forward to seeing the results of the completed build and will hopefully share them with you when they’re available.

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