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Oversized Heavy Timber Trusses For a Stately Greatroom

LOCATION:Glenquary, NSW – Australia
FRAME TYPE:Feature Truss
FRAME STYLE:Traditional

Our clients for this project were referred to us by one of our suppliers’ Coach House Timbers. They were in the midst of designing a large residential project in the southern highlands and were looking for an internal architectural feature that could match the scale of this new home

The brief from architect and engineers was to create a set of huge spotted gum feature trusses to span the ‘great room’ of this stately residence. The induvial Spotted Gum timbers supplied by Coach House Timbers were 250mm x 250mm which is considerably larger than we would typically use on a truss this size.
The extra-large dimension, heavy timber framing used in these trusses were a critical piece in the design aesthetic of this build. The house and its great room were so big, that smaller timbers would have been out of proportion in this impressive space.

Our team handcrafted these massive trusses in our workshop using only traditional joinery techniques. The completed trusses were trucked to the building site and carefully craned into place atop the masonry walls that make up the bulk of the building.

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