Traditional Frame for Gallery Space

LOCATION:Berry, NSW – Australia
FRAME TYPE:Traditional Post and Beam
FRAME STYLE:Modern + Barn
TIMBER SPECIES:Ironbark + Blackbutt + Tallowwood
The clients on this project contacted us after seeing one of our projects in a nearby village. They fell in love with the timber, joinery and craftsmanship and were set on incorporating something similar into their proposed new gallery.

We introduced the clients and their builder Preston and Sons, to one of our preferred building designers Longhouse Homes. The talented architects at Longhouse designed the barn style building to be a large open space with a modern exterior and beautiful exposed timber internals.

In consultation with the client and Longhouse, we decided on a mixture of class 1 timber species such as Ironbark, Blackbutt and Tallowwood. We handcrafted a traditional timber frame for the project, incorporating 200mm x 200mm Posts, 250mm and 300mm tie beams and around 300 handcrafted joints. The frame was crafted in our workshop over a period of 10 weeks, delivered to the site on 2 heavy rigid crane trucks, and craned into place with our team over 3 days.
We’re excited to see the glazing installed on the two exposed gables which will further enhance the beautiful craftsmanship on display. The client’s words on completion of this project were “expensive, but so worth it! We love it!” We couldn’t agree more and cant wait to see the finished product.
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