Traditional Timber Frame for a North QLD Farmhouse

LOCATION:Mackay, Northern QLD – Australia
FRAME TYPE:Traditional Post and Beam
FRAME STYLE:Traditional
When our client decided to build a new family home on their sugar cane plantation in Mackay in northern Queensland they knew they needed something that would stand up to the elements.
The building would need to be strong enough to withstand cyclones, termites the size of small cats and the monsoonal rains that hit each wet season.
Grey Ironbark was chosen for this frame for its immense strength, natural durability, and rich, warm colouring. the timber frame was designed to sit inside pre-made blockwork walls for additional peace of mind against the threat of cyclones.
Handcrafted in our Marulan workshop in the Southern highlands using traditional methods the frame incorporated king post trusses, purlins and posts, all of which would remain visible to the interior of the home.
Our talented team designed, engineered, and crafted this frame then transported it north for installation. Our team flew up into the northern humidity for a 1 week period in November just before the wet season began. A sweaty but rewarding process that has provided this family with a bulletproof home capable of taking the worst that nature can throw at it.
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