Gos Hall

The clients on this project contacted us after seeing one of our projects in a near bye village. They fell in love with the timber, joinery and craftsmanship and had to incorporate something into their proposed building.
Our timber frame here incorporates 200×200 Posts, 250 and 300mm tie beams and around 300 handcrafted joints. The timber is a mixture of class 1 species such as Ironbark, Blackbutt and Tallowwood. The frame was crafted in our workshop over a period of 10 weeks, delivered to site on 2 heavy rigid crane trucks, and craned into place with our team over a 3 day period. The clients words on completion of this project was “expensive, but so worth it! We love it!”

Location: NSW – Australia
Frame Type: Traditional Timber Frame Timber Species: Blackbutt
Frame Style: Traditional + Custom
Completed: 2021

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