Grand View Luxury Barn

This project was commissioned by Ken and Ruth, owner-builder’s who wanted a barn-style accommodation on their stunning property in the Brisbane Hinterland. Working closely with the client to get the details, style and proportions looking just right, our in-house design team got to work designing a traditional timber barn style frame to live up to the stunning properties standards.
The timber frame was designed to incorporate sustainably sourced Cypress Pine internally, and Spotted Gum hardwood externally. It was important the Cyrpress Pine met the interior design requirements, as well as the Spotted Gum meeting the BAL 29 bushfire rating externally.
The framing was completed over an 8 Week period, each section lovingly handcrafted in our Marulan yard. Over 1000 hours went into handcrafting the traditional timber joints that securely hold the massive timbers together. The result showcased an open and spacious feel to the interior, complete with massive king trusses with braces spanning over 5 metres were manufactured and prefabricated.
The completed trusses and frames were freighted to the build site in QLD, our team erectomg the frame over the next 5 days installing glazing to the north and south gables. With all the hard work already completed at the yard, the process of seeing it all come together on site was highly rewarding.
We give credit to the many skilled artisans and tradespeople that came together to create this structure, the property showcasing itself as the true luxury barn house they were able to create.

Location: Pullenvale, QLD – Australia
Frame Type: Traditional Post and Beam Timber Species: Architectural Modern + Barn
Frame Style: Cypress Pine + Spotted Gum
Completed: 2018

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