Kangaroo Valley Trusses

This project was commissioned by Lucas from Harlor Building, on behalf of his clients who were looking to add a set of stunning feature trusses to create a centrepoint for their beautiful Kangaroo Valley home.

The design brief was to create 2 handcrafted feature trusses that matched the American Oak joinery and cabinetry that was planned for the home. The arch of the trusses was to mimic an arched window, making it was important for the timber size and frame style to keep with the overall design aesthetic

Our team designed and created a set of trusses using Oak logs sourced from a local arbourist. The timbers were milled in-house, expertly crafted to match the required arch and design brief.

Andrew meticulously crafted these beautiful oak trusses using only traditional joinery methods, the end result showcasing a true work of art, and a testament to the level of craftsmanship we offer our clients.
Once the trusses were completed they were supplied directly to the builder, who craned them into place and followed on with the remainder of the building work.

Location: Kangaroo Valley, NSW – Australia
Frame Type: Feature Truss Traditional + Custom : OAK
Frame Style: Mixed Australian Hardwoods
Completed: 2021

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