The Black Shed

Located amongst the vineyards in Mudgee, NSW, the Black Shed was designed to be a small but luxurious part-time residence for visiting family, as well as for an occasional short-stay rental. With a northerly aspect and a view over the property, it enjoys a charming and tranquil setting.
We hand-built a simple heavy timber post and beam structure with exposed feature trusses for the main living area to give a rustic and luxurious feel to the interior. Working closely with the Black Sheds designer, Sydney Architect Watershed Design, we created a feature truss set that fit perfectly with the desired modern, yet traditional aesthetic. This building is a wonderful example of what can be achieved in blending a traditional timber frame with conventional building methods and modern architecture concepts.
Our partner on this project, Mudgee builder Tall Timber Constructions, prepared the slab and completed the building after the frame was raised by TTF. Luke’s team did an outstanding job in the detailing of the Black Shed, and the exposed posts and trusses beautifully enhance the interior space.

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Location: Mudgee , NSW – Australia
Frame Type: Traditional Post and Beam Timber Species: Architectural Modern + Barn
Frame Style: Cypress Pine + Spotted Gum
Completed: 2018

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