Watermill Barn This is our 100th Traditional Timber Frame in Australia.This is also our largest project to date with approximately 100t of the finest Australian hardwood, more than 1000 handmade pegs and a scale like few other private buildings in Australia. Commissioned as a “Beautiful Barn to sit like a

The Truffle Farm Description This is a commercial barn building located at The Truffle Farm in Canberra. Designed to be a venue space for the restaurant, weddings and all of the truffle hunting days, this hardwood barn is a beautiful building indeed. Measuring 12m wide, the timbers in this building

Terry Hills Trusses These were some incredibly large trusses handcrafted for a large residence overlooking the northern beaches of Sydney. The hardwood members here were some of the finest we have seen and measured a massive 450×300 in section.Good design is a very important part of any project and ensuring

Previous Next Kangaroo Valley Trusses This project was commissioned by Lucas from Harlor Building, on behalf of his clients who were looking to add a set of stunning feature trusses to create a centrepoint for their beautiful Kangaroo Valley home. The design brief was to create 2 handcrafted feature trusses

Gos Hall The clients on this project contacted us after seeing one of our projects in a near bye village. They fell in love with the timber, joinery and craftsmanship and had to incorporate something into their proposed building. Our timber frame here incorporates 200×200 Posts, 250 and 300mm tie

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