Medieval Style Timber Frame For Unique Home Extension

LOCATION:Yerrinbool, NSW – Australia
FRAME TYPE:Traditional Post and Beam
FRAME STYLE:Traditional + Custom
TIMBER SPECIES:Mixed Australian Hardwoods
Traditional timber framing techniques and styles can be traced back to the Roman Empire and beyond, but reached their height of popularity during the Medieval period. Our clients on this project were medieval history enthusiasts wanting to incorporate the traditions and craftsmanship of old in their home extension.
After meeting with the client and discussing their needs for this unique project, they decided to award us the rare opportunity to work on a proper medieval-style Great Hall. The timber for this project was all custom milled by a private miller from Victoria who used sustainably sourced hardwoods from his own land which he manages.
The Great Hall is an extension to the clients existing brick and corrugated iron house. The addition forms a spacious new living area and entry hall on the ground floor. Above the entry hall is a new master suite with a private balcony over the incorporated timber-framed carport.
One of the many impressive features of this build is the triple-height, direct glazed wall, on either side of the massive brick chimney. This was an extremely challenging install, lifting 2m square double glazed units into place by hand from 2 story scaffolding. We think you’ll agree it was well worth the effort with the stunning end result!
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