Reclaimed Timber Trusses for a Contemporary Home

LOCATION:Sunshine Coast, QLD – Australia
FRAME TYPE:Feature Truss
FRAME STYLE:Architectural Modern + Custom
TIMBER SPECIES:Reclaimed Cypress Pine
The brief on this project was to create a major visual feature that would make the main living areas of this home both beautiful and unique. Reclaimed Cypress Pine was chosen for its colour, stability, cost and character. A feature truss set like this is a beautiful and efficient way of adding that fantastic and sought after traditional timber craftsmanship into even the most modern of contemporary houses.
A king truss design was selected with custom curved braces and a chamfer as fine detail. The king post was embellished with a shoulder at its base and top. These trusses span just over 5 metres and using 200mm x 150mm timbers with full traditional pegged joinery. Each joint was scribed and cut, a system of marking unique to traditional timber framing, maintaining the irregular edges of this beautiful large dimensioned timber whilst ensuring millimetre perfect sizing.
This build made use of our traditional timber trusses in conjunction with lightweight stud frames and a purlin roof, resulting in the building schedule being incredibly efficient. Our attention to detail in the manufacturing process and accurate sizing allowed the client and their builder to simply crane the pre-assembled trusses into place without needing us to be on-site to assist.
The completed building is super-insulated whilst its clever use of windows allow it to fully appreciate the beautiful Queensland scenery of its setting. The finished result is a fantastic modern Australian home.
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