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CONTEMPORARY Timber Entry Portal and Roof Trusses

LOCATION:Picton, NSW – Australia
FRAME TYPE:Feature Truss
FRAME STYLE:Architectural Modern 
Double Post Frame with vertical King and Queen posts! Now that’s a mouthful, but the result is an impressive truss frame that is the architectural centrepiece of what was a quite complex home build in Picton, NSW.
This build makes excellent use of conventional stud framing, structural steel framework and our traditional timber elements, all of which combine to create a beautiful and unique family home. This is a great example of using feature trusses with conventional building materials to achieve the clients desired result. The timber used here was stained to the customer’s specification to colour match the other elements within the building and their overall interior design.
This was a very steep building site and a crane with good reach was required to lift the steel components, trusses and frame. Whilst we were on hand to assist throughout the installation on this particular build, the process is easily within the ability of a competent builder.
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