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Traditional Timber Feature Trusses For a Strawbale Farm House

LOCATION: Merriwa, NSW – Australia
FRAME TYPE: Feature Truss
FRAME STYLE: Traditional + Custom
TIMBER SPECIES: Ironbark + Cypress Pine
Our client for this project approached us to create a heavy timber feature truss set for their new build on their stunning plot of land in Merriwa.
The brief was to create a set of trusses that were specifically designed to work with the intended strawbale build. It was also important that we nailed the look and style of the trusses to match the aesthetic of the house, but also remind the client of their former lives in England.
Working closely with the client we developed a plan for a spacious and open styled home that would maximise views of the beautiful surroundings. The trusses used Ironbark tie beams, mixed with Cypress Pine curved braces and beams to give a beautiful natural look and tie in well with the natural straw bale walls.

The trusses were all handcrafted using only traditional joinery methods by our talented team. The end result is a stunning country home and a very pleased client. Here’s a little snippet of what they had to say –

We finally moved into our Strawbale house which we built on our farm near Merriwa. We moved in more or less a year to the day since you put up the brilliant Traditional timber frames. Needless to say, they are admired by every one of our visitors. I absolutely love them as they remind me of the 800 years old ‘Wattle and daub’ cottage that I grew up in, in England.
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